For All Emergencies call 000
All Enquiries call Captain - Jason Stasev: 0439 936 143

Mount Barker Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service

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21 hours ago

Mount Barker VFRS

Drive to arrive alive this long weekend.


Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA | Western Australian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association – INC | Road Safety Commission | Western Australia Police Force

REMINDER Double Demerits in effect from midnight tonight. Slow down and enjoy the ride #fb #DriveSafe This update came from the Denmark Police on Twitter

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2 days ago

Mount Barker VFRS

Mount Barker VFRS shared Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA‘s Give Way to Emergency Services.

Summer sees a rise in temperatures and with that comes a rise in the number of emergency vehicles on the road. Know what to do when lights and sirens are bearing down – new SLOMO laws are coming into effect at the beginning of March South Yunderup/Ravenswood Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade | Association Of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades of WA (Inc) | Western Australian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association – INC | Emergency Services Volunteers Association | State Emergency Service WA | Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia | Western Australia Police Force | St John Ambulance WA

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3 days ago

Mount Barker VFRS

Well done to the attending crews for getting this under control and extinguished!!

Just shows how things can go from normal to chaos in seconds.


SUSPICIOUS BUSHFIRE IN BUNBURY Firefighters say they were hampered by ‘rubber-neckers’ as they battled to save a leisure centre.

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Latest Updates

A different truck

You may notice a new truck in the Brigade.  It looks different and sounds different. Our big red truck (UT-12) is in Perth getting some work done on it so we have another appliance (UT-10) in the mean time. Stay safe on the roads out...

2017 AGM

The Brigade held its Annual General Meeting tonight. Congratulations to Jason (Captain), Wes (Lieutenant), Jesse & Caitlin (joint Apparatus Officers) and Jeff (Secretary/Treasurer). Thanks to the previous year's office bearers (Wes, Jamie, Jason & Jeff) and...

A busy year….

Our Brigade has reached 47 incidents for the 2016-2017 financial year which equals our record from 2000-2001. Some of the incidents could not have been prevented but others could have.  Please ensure that you are storm and bushfire safe.  Keep your car in good working...

We’re back up and running!

Due to a technical glitch our website has been off-line.  We are pleased to say it is back up for all to see.

26/11/16 – Sounness Road

There is a fire burning in the bush adjacent to Mount Barker Speedway. It is a re-ignition of a burn we did in the area several weeks ago.  The fire has a wide break around it.  We are monitoring the fire to ensure it doesn't spread. Smoke is in the area so take care...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

          15/11/2016: CATASTROPHIC FIRE DANGER - SOUTH COASTAL (INLAND) FIRE WEATHER DISTRICT including SHIRE OF PLANTAGENET. TOTAL FIRE BAN ISSUED for 15/11/2016. Suffice to say, this is not a great situation! Read the information at...


The weather forecast is looking particularly bad in the next few days. Sunday the wind looks like picking up in the late afternoon. Monday is looking hot (32°C) and windy. This is bad. Tuesday is looking particularly bad with temperatures around 38°C and very windy. ...

Restricted burning time change.

The Shire of Plantagenet has changed the Restricted Burning Time for the Eastern Zone.  (This does not include Mount Barker, Narrikup or Rocky Gully.) The Restricted Burning Time will now commence on October 17,  2016.

Severe weather on the way…

Issued at 4:17 pm WST on Tuesday 16 August 2016.

Burning off

As per the Shire's Bush Fire Mitigation regulations, there are no permits required for burning off at this present time.  Please check with the Shire of Plantagenet if you do not get their annual Bush Fire Mitigation Notice. If you are planning to burn off please...