For All Emergencies call 000
All Enquiries call Captain - Jason Stasev: 0439 936 143

The Members preformed our bi-annual Leavers’ Alive demonstration.  It is a multi-agency exercise to show high school senior students what happens at a motor vehicle accident.

A big thankyou to the Mount Barker St John Ambulance volunteers, the Western Australian Police Service and the volunteer “victims” for your help on the day. Well done to Ewen Hill for coordinating everything.  Thanks also to Plantagenet Shire for supplying the vehicle and for the location.

We hope that the students and staff of Mount Barker Community College, Denmark Agricultural College and Denmark High School learnt something about what the emergency services do at vehicle rescue situations.

Thanks to Kimberley Bell, Jack Frost and Jonathan Hoskin for taking the photographs and allowing their use on this website and to Kristie Gladwin for supplying the CD for the photographs.

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