For All Emergencies call 000
All Enquiries call Captain - Jason Stasev: 0439 936 143

Tonight we will hold our Annual General Meeting, we as a brigade will be voting for our 2018/2019 officers (Captain, Lieutenant & Apparatus Officer) along with non officer roles Secretary & Treasurer.

I’d like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to our current Lieutenant ‘Mexi’ who stepped up from file to rank and assisted me as the bridges 2IC half way through the year.

Cheers mate, you have made my role a lot easier and have set some very high standards for the next LT.

To our current joint Apparatus Officers Jesse & Caitlin, this is the first time we have had a joint role in the brigade, you guys had your work set out for you both over the year, I may be a hard task master but you both accepted and arose to all challenges I threw your way, thank you both for your assistance as 3IC of the brigade this past 11 months. (By the way the UT still needs cleaning ready for tonight ?)

The role of Secretary & Treasurer was filled by Jeff for the first half of the year before taking some much needed leave then at a monthly meeting Becky was voted in for the remainder of the year. To the both of you, thanks for your ongoing support and commitment to our brigade and myself.

To the awesome crew we have, we have had a lot of first’s this year, the first time we have had an open day for some many years, the first time we had a team building exercise, the first time we had Officer roles chop and change like we did, the first time you guys and girls had me as your nominated Captain (There’s a lot more too) I threw a lot of challenges your way and pushed you all hard this past year and not surprising at all you took the challenges and gave back your valuable time and efforts and made our little brigade larger, stronger and hopefully our community proud!

Thank you all for your support, it’s been well received and very much appreciated!

Either tonight or tomorrow I will post the results of tonight’s nominations for our next officer & support team.

No matter the results I know you will all continue to volunteer your valuable time for our awesome brigade and community.

Thank you all again.

Jason Stasev

2017/2018 Captain

Mount Barker VFRS