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G’ Day Community,

Please have a read of the below message from Oyster Harbour Catchment Group.

This awesome FREE event will be coming to Mount Barker soon and we highly recommend attending, especially if you would like to know more about how you can help us by preparing your properties this winter ready for the next fire season.

There will be a great presentation on how to prepare properties, what the best types of plants are that don’t burn and much, much more.

Cheers… Jase

Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA | Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Inc.


This event will have extremely important information for property owners both with acreage and small lots, given the season that we are having and the stretching dry periods.

This event is FREE and well and truly worth attending.

Our Hosts “The Forever Project” are a multi-award winning organisation dedicated to inspiring and empowering community to work towards a sustainable, happy and prosperous future.

It is a Perth based organisation and holds these events State wide.

This event is proudly brought to you by Oyster Harbour Catchment Group(OHCG) and State Natural Resource Management (State NRM).

Do not miss out, book now to avoid disappointment. Contact Jenni Loveland on 0409 572 240/ 9851 2703 or email