For All Emergencies call 000
All Enquiries call Captain - Jason Stasev: 0439 936 143

The weather forecast is looking particularly bad in the next few days.

Sunday the wind looks like picking up in the late afternoon.

Monday is looking hot (32°C) and windy. This is bad.

Tuesday is looking particularly bad with temperatures around 38°C and very windy.  It is possible that the fire weather forecast could be CATASTROPHICThis is REALLY, REALLY bad!

Take action NOW – take your garden waste to the tip.  (It is free!)  Clean up around your house and make sure that you know your fire plan.

If you have a permit, expect it to be cancelled on Tuesday and probably Monday.  If you have been burning off make sure that it is all out.  If it’s too hot to touch, it’s not safe.

Keep an eye on the Emergency WA website.

If you need to evacuate, go early.