For All Emergencies call 000
All Enquiries call Captain - Jason Stasev: 0439 936 143

As per the Shire’s Bush Fire Mitigation regulations, there are no permits required for burning off at this present time.  Please check with the Shire of Plantagenet if you do not get their annual Bush Fire Mitigation Notice.

If you are planning to burn off please consider the following:

  • It is free to take green waste (branches, leaves etc) to the O’Neill Road tip.
  • Burning off releases carbon dioxide and smoke particles into the atmosphere whereas mulching waste adds organic matter to soil, improving its quality.
  • Burning off can taint clean clothes that are outside on washing lines.

Please take care when burning off if you must do it.  Check the weather forecast to ensure it is safe to do.  Let your neighbours know that you’re burning off so they don’t hang out their washing in the smoke produced.  Ensure you monitor the fire with appropriate safety equipment (with sufficient water and hoses that reach) and black out the fire totally when finished.